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The Great Gobbler Gallop

turkey capital of the world

You have heard all of the hype, now witness the spectacle live! The annual running of the Great Gobbler Gallop between Paycheck of Worthington, Minnesota and Ruby Begonia of Cuero, Texas begins on Saturday morning before the Turkeyfest Parade at the intersection of Main Street and Esplanade. Will Ruby retain the Traveling Turkey Trophy of Tumultuous Triumph? Will Paycheck be pacified with the Circulating Consolation Cup of Consummate Commiseration? All bets are off when the birds hit the street, because in a turkey race, anything can happen!

For a complete history of the Great Gobbler Gallop, visit our

Ruby Begonia and the Race Teams page.

For more information on Paycheck and King Turkey Day in Worthington, Minnesota, visit:

Thrilling  Turkey  facts

Wild turkeys can fly for short distances up to 55 miles per hour. They can run as fast as 20 miles per hour. Commercially raised turkeys cannot fly.

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