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Here are a few answers to some relevant questions that we get about the Cuero Turkeyfest:


If I buy a ticket to the festival, do I have to buy another for the dances?

No. Once you purchase your festival ticket or weekend pass, you are good to see anything that Turkeyfest has to offer. Paid festival admission guarantees entrance to Turkeyfest which includes the nightly dances, Arts & Crafts Market, BBQ Cookoff, food and beverage booths, and all family entertainment enclosed within Turkeyfest fences. NOTE: There is NO ADMISSION to the Carnival which is located outside of the Turkeyfest Carnival Gate.

Do I have to buy a pass to attend the Carnival?

No. The Carnival is FREE to attend, which is located just west of Turkeyfest. While there is NO FEE to attend the Carnival, you still have to purchase a ticket to ride the rides.

How do I get my tickets?

Presale tickets are available at several in-town businesses as well as online prior to the festival. Tickets will also be available at the main gates of Turkeyfest.

Can I leave the festival and re-enter?

Yes. You will be given an armband that will allow re-admittance.

What are the admission fees used for?

Being a non-profit organization, ticket sales are used for two purposes: to pay for the current festival as well as prepare for next year's event, and as a way to give back to the community through donations to local non-profits as well as scholarships for high school students.

What can I not bring into Turkeyfest?

Dogs, weapons, vehicles, ice chests, glass, and outside food or drinks.

What about that turkey race?

Do you really race live turkeys?

Yes, the Great Gobbler Gallop happens on Saturday morning at 10:30am before the Turkeyfest Parade. We race a pure bred Rio Grande gobbler, and we're not really sure what mix of bird our competitors come to town with....

How do you race a turkey?

Kind of like herding a cow. You have four race team members per team (and just 2 teams), and the goal is to guide the turkey down the street without touching it by using sound and visual devices. Each touch is a penalty. Yes, there are strict rules.

Are the turkeys trained?

Of course they are....

How are the turkeys treated?

Very well. All year long, both turkeys from both towns live free-range on family farms out in the country where they have access to whatever food or water source they need. They live much better than most household pets. And definitely better than any turkey you buy to eat at the supermarket. But anyhow, once Race Day comes around, the birds are corralled and placed into a large, well ventilated coop for their journeys and competition. Being that these birds are official town mascots with over 40 years of history behind them, every effort is made to insure their health and stability. Once the race is completed, each bird returns to their farm to live the best life a barnyard fowl can, and with a pretty good story to tell.
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