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Board of Directors

2016 Board of Directors
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The Cuero Turkeyfest Association is comprised of citizens that share a common mission to give back to the community through directing this annual affair. All board members are unpaid volunteers that work countless hours to make sure that the Cuero Turkeyfest is planned, set up, orchestrated, and put away again each year, on time. If you happen to see one of them running around the festival grounds, and they have time to stop, be sure and give them a big high-five.
2018 Executive Board:
President: Clayton Lantz
Vice-President: Trent Kainer
Treasurer: Kristie Tieken
Secretary: Leslie Voelkel Campos
Past Turkeyfest Presidents
2016-2017: James Rath
2014-2015: Kenneth Schley
2013: Kristie Tieken
2011-2012: Terri Warwas
2010: Bill Hickey
2008-2009: Cory Thamm
2006-2007: Erwin Rath
2005: Leslie Voelkel Campos
2004: Jason Rogers
2003: Clay Pullin
2002: Stacy Cordes
2001: Annette Rath
1999-2000: Susan Prause
1998: Neal Lapp
1997: Rick Wheeler
1996: Brett Duckett
1994-1995: Jay Bramlette
1993: Fred White
1992: Albert Jahnsen
1991: Les Rabke
1989-1990: Butch Prause
1988: C.L. Duckett
1987: Billie Joe White
1985-1986: Davis Kainer
1983-1984: Burns McAlister
1982: Alan Kahlich
1981: Mike Milberry
1979-1980: Jack Calk
1977-1978: Lias Bubba Steen
1975-1976: Clete Ernster
1973-1974: Dr. Charles Tubbs
1973: Paul Gathings
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